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We want to hand over companies the knowledge and competencies developed in University, fostering new ideas, applications, products and processes.


We are spin-off company of the University of Brescia (Italy). We have expertise in the development of suitable procedures and methods for chemical analysis dedicated to environmental monitoring and pollution assessment, drug purity, food and cosmetic safety. Our team of experts in surface modification is ready to help you developing your own plan for research and development with the newest technologies for thin films deposition. We want to be your team to develop ideas and projects, your outsourcing R&D with competencies in research projects funding, mostly in Europe.
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We are your partner for analysis, feasibility study, and applied research.
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Drinking surface and waste waters may be analyzed to evaluate the content of potentially toxic elements. The proposed methods guarantee fast, accurate, precise ad simultaneous multi-elements analysis in different kinds of water.


The contamination of soils and transfer of pollutant elements from the environment to biomonitors are indicators of the potential danger for human health. The developed procedures for elemental analysis of soils and biomonitors are fundamental to obtain reliable quantitative analysis. Meet the “Smart Store”.


Elemental chemical analysis of particulate matter is a challenge for you? Meet the “Smart Store” method! Elemental chemical analysis of filters for the collection of air particulate matter is easy and simple! The method developed by our team comprises non destructive quantitative analysis, sample classification and storage.


Quality of food means also the presence of good and nutritive elements and the absence of potentially toxic elements. Food safety requires technologies for screening and accurate elemental analysis. Simultaneous determination of food composition in terms of major, minor and trace elements is possible with our methods. The developed “Smart Store” gives the unique possibility of sample classification and storage for screening and further analysis.


Determination of waste toxicity may be determined by leaching tests in several conditions. Critical aspects in the analysis of different kinds of leachates may drive to possible inaccurate results. Our experience in this field of analysis allow to develop dedicated sample preparation procedures and analysis.


The elemental composition of cosmetics is too often unknown…Potentially toxic elements may be present and screening of products is fundamental for consumers and the control agencies. Also cosmetic producers need to guarantee and to demonstrate the purity of their products, even at the distance of years. With “Smart Store” is possible the classification and storage of sample for screening and further analysis.


Trace elements determination in drugs is fundamental to comply with stringent regulations for safety. The developed procedures and methods allow fast, accurate and precise determination of trace elements in different kinds of drugs. Evaluation of release kinetics is also possible.


Atomic layer deposition is our challenge, Ultratech is our partner.