Smart Solutions srl is an innovative start-up Company founded in September 2014 by four researchers of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Brescia.
Shareholders are two PhDs, Dr. Laura Borgese and Eng. Annalisa Zacco and two full professor of Chemical Foundations of Technologies Prof. Laura Eleonora Depero and Prof. Elza Bontempi.

Smart Solutions is recognized spin off of the University of Brescia, and it is the first approved on the basis of the strategic guidelines and operational policies about promotion of new entrepreneurship at the University of Brescia.

In December 2015 Smart Solutions gained also the affiliation to INSTM, the National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology.


The mission of Smart Solutions is to create an innovative Italian company to exploit the high level of training and skills of the people from the University.
The structure and activities of Smart Solutions are related to the skills and experience of gained during the last ten years of research at Chemistry for Technologies Laboratory. The main fields of application are: the phisico-chemical analysis by means of X-rays based techniques, and the synthesis of thin films by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).
Smart Solutions provides consulting and feasibility studies with "problem solving" approach leading applied research and excellence in science into companies, in the form of new applications, new products or processes. This requires a team of highly qualified professionists able to interface with scientific and research environments, that many businesses, especially small ones, can not afford. In this context Smart Solutions proposes its services as outsourcing R&D, with expertise also in searching dedicated research funding.


Laura Borgese

Annalisa Zacco

Laura Eleonora Depero

Elza Bontempi